Glass Poetry Press

Volume Six Issue Two

Christine Guarino

The Swallowers

Start small. A dime, maybe the button from your shirt. The top hat piece from Monopoly. A marble. After some suspicion, we were able to document these incidences, and we've learned to deal A little trickier: a bobby pin. Make sure it goes down vertically. The ridged edge flutters against the throat. with a minimum amount of disruption. Sometimes, it can be blamed on developmental delays, A safety pin, if you dare, but keep it closed for God's sake. Batteries: triple A to start. A good tool for practice, for others, the reason might be self injury. For the average person, it's very difficult to understand work your way up, don't give up, and maybe you can join the club. It's like learning a trade, why someone would want to ingest such materials. Knives and razor blades aren't something most people really, consider this an apprenticeship. Some use oil, butter, honey, honey, if you're a real baby. would dream of swallowing. Some people want that attention whether in a positive or negative form. Patience, now, you're learning, you'll get there. By now you might be ready for a pen. Also a trip Seventy nine percent were diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. Items were commonly retrieved by snares, to the hospital, gastrointestinal probing, questions and dry latex catching on your face. A butter knife feels rat-toothed forceps and nets, assisted sometimes by use of overtubes and hoods. Two cases eventually so nice, metal slides in just right if you know what you're doing. Congratulations. You've made it now, required surgical extraction. There were no deaths or perforations. Intentional foreign body ingestion baffled doctors and reporters who always get it wrong. We're not like prisoners, we just have to teach the rest, is costly. Endoscopic retrieval requires general anesthesia. Efforts should be focused on reducing these incidents. one by one they will come to know just how good it is when you learn to let the unfamiliar in.