Erin Lyndal Martin is a poet, music journalist, fiction writer, essayist, and visual artist. Her poems have appeared widely in online and print journals such as Prelude, Bat City Review, DIAGRAM, Yalobusha Review, and Gigantic Sequins.

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Erin Lyndal Martin

Pickering Wharf

Like stepping on a glacier in pinstripe pants because you want to be alone. A catcall comes from the silence and you are flushed with happy for conversation suddenly. Or this: like stepping on a glacier totally naked because you live in a colony of ghosts now and what's a body to a ghost but a souvenir? You never believed in ghosts before, not until someone wrote the story of a haunting on your palm. Thick black permanent marker. After days, only some of the letters had faded. Or this: like stepping on a glacier and finding there is no glacier beneath you. Or this: like stepping out onto a glacier and stabbing yourself in the gut.

That winter I was always driving up to Salem, MA to escape my grief or just have it validated or both. I always ended up walking past the harbor at Pickering Wharf, and I could see the big pieces of ice in the water, the sea steam rising as water met air. Every time I saw how perfectly the half-frozen, empty harbor echoed my own life, I felt a little sick.

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