Hazem Fahmey
"Autopsy of an Arab"

Chloe N. Clark
"Other Words for Wanting"

Hannah Craig

Kaity Gee

Linette Reeman
"Prayer For Everyone Who's Ever Cut My Hair, Including Myself"

Catherine Chambers

Jennifer Martelli
"They Found the Gallows Behind Walgreens"

Ariel Francisco
"Upon Encountering A Street Mural Of Super Mario, I Think Of My Mother"

Mary Biddinger
"Bone Concept"

Jim Daniels
"Test Bomb Fallout"

Ashley Miranda
"wicked wicker women"

Bernard Ferguson
"and Batman never came back to my island"

Alexis Klemetson
"The Other Queen of Tejano"

Tom Holmes
"Imagined Scenario 22 of My Birth Mother"

Margaret Zhang

Logan February
"The Bodies Of Dead Boys"

Melissa Eleftherion
"that time a tree grew out of my mouth and i had armor"

Amy Kotthaus
"The Goddess Weds"

Chelsea Dingman
"How to Build a Reliquary From the Earth"

Jessica L. Walsh
"Reading Plath with No Glasses"

Steve Klepetar
"When Leopard Frogs Go Still"

Stephanie Kaylor

Alexis Rhone Fancher
"I Was Hovering Just Below the Hospital Ceiling, Contemplating My Death"

Rico Craig
"Goodbye, a premonition"

Ashley Mares

Ojo Taiye
"how to spell schizophrenia"

Farryl Last
"to the woman I tried to draw"

Alicia Elkort

Roberta Senechal de la Roche

Hannah Cohen

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