Addison Namnoum's poetry has appeared in Public Pool, Platypus Press' 2412 mini-chapbook series, Off the Coast, and JuxtaProse Magazine. Her short story "Bozeman, Montana' was selected as a runner-up in the 2016 Crazyhorse Crazyshorts! Contest. She serves as a reader for A Public Space and lives in Philadelphia with her partner and their dog, Sula.

Poets Resist
Edited by Catherine Chambers
October 25, 2017

Addison Namnoum

We Too Have Crossed

Tonight awake in the safety of my bed thinking of those who are in journey who have left mountains regimes left lives the color of dust I watch my arm extend by moonlight. See it turn its fingers its good fist. My people too once crossed a jagged breathing line their names received by Anglo mouths by eyes to rove over our skin by tongues to test the labneh spoon test tabouleh kibbeh (cooked, not raw) our orecchiette in bitter broth … Though now it has been years and we forget the bodies in this poem. We forget the boats the camps the tumbled earth child with an empty head. Forget at night our borders breathe soft and willful breaths Bellies that dream tomorrow's dream that wonderfully rise and set.

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