Zaina Alsous
"On Longing"

Leslie Contreras Schwartz

Seema Yasmin

Fox Frazier-Foley
"When Former Libertine St. Mary of Egypt Was Buried Wearing the Threadbare Robe of a Virginal Monk Named Zosimas, After Living in the Desert Like a Man for Forty-Seven Years, A Lion Dug Her Grave"

Alyse Bensel
"Your Eye Is A Red Dwarf Planet"

Elizabeth Onusko
"The Point at Which the Laws of Physics Break Down"

Jackson Holbert
"Summer, 1910"

Kaiya Gordon
"The Fish"

Simon Anton Niño Diego Baena
"The magnum opus persists in the evening"

Robert Okaji
"What We Say When We Say Nothing"

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