Saddiq Dzukogi
"What The Poem Said"

M. Wright
"Before Quiet"

Sonja Johanson
"Pigeon, Birth"

Avery M. Guess
"How to Be a Survivor"

j/j hastain & Juliet Cook
"Hexagonal Approach to Horticulture"

Maggie Glover
"Aubade in Green"

Lena Tuffaha
"Miss Sahar Breaks Her Fast"

Bob Sykora
"Visiting Utopia #4"

Julia Alter
"The Freedom Peddler"

Willie L. Kinard III

Daniel Edward Moore
"Practice Impermanence"

Alexandra Smyth
"Against Forgetting"

Kristene Brown
"Upon hearing cancer treatments increase the risk for secondary types of cancer"

Susan Milchman
"Her Aperture"

Tricia Knoll
"The River Stone You Call A Wishing Stone"

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