Editor's Note

Monica Rose Burchfield:
"Quitting Ohio"

Lisa Bickmore:
"All Souls"

Athena Nilssen:

Monique Gagnon German:
"Two Faced Moon"

Brian Clifton:
"The River's Petition"

Charles O'Hay:

Faith S. Holsaert:
"The Last Day"

Jacqeline Jules:
"Ostrich Behavior"

Christopher Kuhl:
"Three Moments"

Michelle Disler:
"when the flesh falls"

Christine Guarino:
"The Swallowers"

Christopher Kuhl:
"I Must Be Mad"

Jesse Minkert:
"Certain Future"

C. Wade Bentley:

Monica Rose Burchfield:
"The Bathers"

Jamie Bruce:
"Seven Years of Smoke"

Laura Sheahen:

Christopher Prewitt:
"A Male and Female Cardinal"

Charles Schubert:
"Cedar Waxwing Lament"

Stephen Mead:


Glass: A Journal of Poetry (ISSN 1941-4137)
Volume Six Issue Two
January 2014