Jennifer Met (Gallery Withheld) lives in a small town in North Idaho with her husband and children. She is a Pushcart Prize nominee, a finalist for Nimrod's Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry, and winner of the Jovanovich Award. Recent work is published or forthcoming in Gravel, Gulf Stream, Harpur Palate, Juked, Kestrel, Moon City Review, Nimrod, Sleet Magazine, Tinderbox, and Zone 3 among other journals.

"I don't have an MFA and, in fact, majored in Molecular Biology in college. After graduation I found poetry largely by accident at the public library. What a wonderful time to be alive! If you can read you can teach yourself anything — and I have found that understanding is what I really love to do, on both a practical and emotional level. What drew me to science, and now writing poetry, is the methodical act of discovery — the way you are always seeking clarity — proving something new, or even just proving something, widely believed, to yourself."