Glass Poetry Press

Volume Two Issue One


Anastasia Clark is the author of 4 full length poetry books: Grieving With Poetry, Bloodsongs, Skeletons and Other Complaints and Vagabond Pond. She is also the author of the Poetry Petals collection — 8 different chapbooks designed for gift and floral baskets. She has served as a Poet-In-Residence, Poetry Editor, Poetry Columnist and Poetry Contest Judge. She currently resides in South Florida and can be seen at many of the local poetry events. You can find her on the web at Jim Daniels' recent books include Revolt of the Crash-Test Dummies, winner of the Blue Lynx Poetry Prize, Eastern Washington University Press; Mr. Pleasant, (fiction) Michigan State University Press; and In Line for the Exterminator, Wayne State University Press, all published in 2007. Gina Ferrara lives and works as an educator in New Orleans. She received her MFA in poetry from the University of New Orleans. Her poems have been published in Poetry East, Callaloo and The Briar Cliff Review. She has work forthcoming in The Poetry Ireland Review. Her latest collection of work, Ethereal Avalanche, will be published by Trembling Pillows Press in 2009. Michael Kocinski is a writer, tutor, and kitchen manager from Toledo, OH. His students have won accolades at the Scholastic Writing Program, and have been published in several national reviews. His own poems have appeared in Mid American Review, The Toledo Review, In Toledo Magazine and Bear Creek Haiku. Carolynn Kingyens' poems have appeared in Muse, Straitjackets, The Furnace Review, The Blue Jew Yorker, Silenced Press, and forthcoming issues of The Potomac and Heavy Bear. She recently completed her first collection of poetry entitled, Square Root of Desire. Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, Iain Macdonald is a former factoryhand, tree-climber, and merchant marine officer who now lives in Arcata, California, where he works as a high school English teacher. His work has appeared in several publications on both sides of the Atlantic, being accepted most recently by 2River View, FutureCycle, and Main Street Rag. David McLean is Welsh but has lived in Sweden since 1987. He lives there in a cottage on a hill with a woman, five selfish cats, and a stupid puppy. He has a BA in History from Balliol, and an unconnected MA in philsophy, much later, from Stockholm. Details of his three available full length books, various chapbooks, and 750 poems in or forthcoming at round 320 places online or in print over the last couple of years, are at his blog at He never submits by snail mail since he has little money and loves, or at least doesn't have anything against, trees. He has recently been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, whatever that is. He would very much like you to buy his books so he can feed the animals exotic morsels. A new chapbook called of dead snakes is due at Rain over Bouville in Feb 2009, and another is coming from Poptritus Press in the summer sometime. After two novels, Luigi Monteferrantes morph to poet/minstrel in 2008 with poems published, or forthcoming, in Neon, Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, Yellow Mama, Word Slaw, poetryfriends, Poesia/Indiana Bay, kudoswriting, Sonar4, Poet's Ink Review, The Battered Suitcase/Vagabondage Press, Twisted Tongue, Danse Macabre, Language & Culture, Kritya, Burst Now, MOTEL 58, greenbeard — and Glass. You can find his songs at His first novel, At the Hearth of the Devils Lair, was followed by 2000-mile book tour on a VESPA scooter through Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Annapolis, Baltimore, NYC. Life During Wartime, his second novel, completed Fall 07, was followed by the morph. His short stories have been published in Chicago Quarterly Review and Happy. Originally from Montreal, Canada, he lives in Italy and is at work on third novel and new series of poems. Born in Warsaw, Poland, Zuzanna Nitecka left her home country in June 2008 to seek inspiration under the palm trees of Spain. Her greatest inspiration is the magical world of Richard Brautigan's imagination. She is currently living in Madrid, writing and teaching English in her free time. Charles Rafferty received a 2009 NEA Fellowship in Creative Writing. His most recent book is A Less Fabulous Infinity. Glenn Sheldon says, "Currently, I am an Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary and Special Programs at The University of Toledo. My full-length poetry book, titled Bird Scarer, was published in January 2007 by Cervena Barva Press (W Somerville, MA). My poetry has appeared in numerous literary journals, including: Black River Review, Field, Georgetown Review, Poetry del Sol and Whiskey Island Magazine."